Lions, and Gators, and Waterbuffalo... Oh, my!

This is a long video, and may seem sad. But, trust me... Watch it all the way through. You will find a new respect for the mighty waterbuffalo! Thanks to fat boy Hazen for sending me this one.


For my medical homies...

Some funny shit if you've taken an EKG course before.


One for Rebecca

My alter ego, Louis CK doing a bit about kids asking questions. I can't wait until Griff starts doing this!


Nine Inch Frog

Kermit the frog doing a NIN cover. I don't know if this is funny or really, really sick.

No... It's really, really sick.
Gracias, Eduardo.


Cartman does Asia.

Cartman addressing congress in support of stem cell research. I can't think of a better argument than this.
South Park - Heat of the Moment

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Perfect Dating

This is some funny shit!


Bob Ross

God help me, I love Bob Ross. Listening to this man is like having a nice little massage for your brain. Enjoy.